Abstract Submissions

Abstract Submissions deadline is 15 Agust 2022

Scientific research that has been conducted on ultrasound related subjects will be considered for presentations in  EUROSON SCHOOL ISTANBUL 2022. Scientific sessions for oral presentations have been organized in the program, poster presentations will also be accepted.

Abstracts of all presentations will blindly be reviewed by three senior committee members of the meeting.

Abstracts of all oral and poster presentations will be published in an abstract book of the meeting. Presentations that have been accepted but not presented in the meeting will apper as “no show / not presented” in the abstract book.

Abstract Submission Terms

General Requirements of Abstracts
  • Abstract text field is limited to 300 words except title and name of the author.
  • Abstracts should be formed as “Purpose”, “Materials and Methods”, “Results” “Conclusion”.
  • The title should be in a form that explains the content of the study. Apart from the words with lowercase letters of a unique importance such as pH or NaCI, all the words in abstract titles should be written in capital letters. The first time an abbreviation is used in a text, it should be spelled out fully in parentheses except chemical symbuls and international units.
  • Abstracts elected by Scientific Committee to be presented in the congress will be published in the congress CD.


  • Abstracts will be evaluated through the e-mail and the result will be sent to the e-mail addresses defined in the system as of 31st of August 2022