Current Techniques and Technologies
Basics and Technology Update

Liver US, Elastography and Current Techniques Liver Elastography Technique, Applications Updated Liver Elastography Guidelines
Focal Liver Lesions

Thyroid US – Current Techniques Thyroid Elastography Technique, Applications Diffuse Thyroid Diseases
Thyroid Nodules and Tumors TI-RADS

Neck – Current Techniques and Interventions
Parathyroid Salivary Glands and Neck Masses
FNA of Thyroid Nodule and Lymph Nodes Thyroid Nodule and Parathyroid Ablation

Breast US – Current Techniques and Interventions
Lesion Characterization Elastography in Breast
Fusion Biopsy of Breast Lesions

Vascular US – Current Techniques and Interventions Current Techniques in Vessel Wall and Flow Imaging Carotid and Vertebral Artery Doppler
Peripheral Vessels
Endovascular treatment of varices US Inside – Current Techniques Endoscopic US
Endoanal US Laparoscopic and Intraoperative US Endoscopic Interventions

Genitourinary US – Current Techniques
Multiparametric testis US Penile US Imaging in Male Infertility
Prostate Elastography Technique, Applications

Abdominal Interventions – Current Techniques Liver Biopsy and Ablation Abdominal Drainage Procedures and PAIR Renal Biopsy and Ablation
Fusion Biopsy of Prostate